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2009 Los Angeles Dodgers


Spring training site

Glendale, Ariz.

2008 record

84-78, won NL West, advanced to NLCS

New faces

2B Orlando Hudson (free agent, Diamondbacks); RHP Guillermo Mota (free agent, Brewers); LHP Randy Wolf (free agent, Astros); RHP Guillermo Mota (free agent, Brewers); RHP Claudio Vargas (free agent, Mets); C Brad Ausmus (free agent, Astros); IF Mark Loretta (free agent, Astros); Shawn Estes (free agent, Padres); IF Juan Castro (free agent, Orioles); IF Doug Mientkiewicz (free agent, Pirates)

Biggest offseason acquisition

Jeff Kent retired, and the Dodgers got a great one-year bargain ($3.4 million) on Hudson, a former Gold Glove winner, at second base. He'll hit for a higher average, get on base, and be solid up the middle with Rafael Furcal.

Gone but not forgotten

RHP Derek Lowe (free agent, to Braves); 2B Jeff Kent (retired); RHP Brad Penny (free agent, to Red Sox); RHP Greg Maddux (retired); IF Nomar Garciaparra (free agent, not signed); RHP Chan Ho Park (free agent, to Phillies); RHP Takashi Saito (free agent, to Red Sox); IF Mark Sweeney (retired); LHP Joe Beimel (free agent, not signed); IF Angel Berroa (free agent, to Yankees); RHP Jason Johnson (free agent, to Yankees); IF Pablo Ozuna (free agent, to Phillies); RHP Scott Proctor (free agent, to Marlins)

Spring training battles

With Manny Ramirez in camp the focus turned to pitching and an attempt to fix a rotation that leaked a bit with the losses of Lowe, Penny and Maddux. The Dodgers filled one spot with Randy Wolf's return, and the auditions for the No. 5 spot include Claudio Vargas, Jason Schmidt, Eric Stults and possibly a couple of youngsters from the team's minor-league system.

Projected lineup

  • SS Rafael Furcal
  • 2B Orlando Hudson
  • LF Manny Ramirez
  • C Russell Martin
  • CF Matt Kemp
  • 1B James Loney
  • RF Andre Ethier
  • 3B Casey Blake

Projected starting rotation

  • RHP Chad Billingsley
  • RHP Hiroki Kuroda
  • LHP Clayton Kershaw
  • LHP Randy Wolf
  • RHP Jason Schmidt

Projected bullpen

  • RHP Jonathan Broxton (closer)
  • LHP Hong-Chih Kuo
  • RHP Guillermo Mota
  • RHP Cory Wade
  • RHP Claudio Vargas
  • LHP Scott Elbert
  • RHP Ramon Troncoso

Biggest strength

With a healthy Furcal and Hudson at the top of the order, Ramirez and Russell Martin should boost their RBI totals. And if Kemp, Loney and Ethier continue their upward ascent, this is the best offense the Dodgers have put together in years.

Glaring weakness

Wolf and Schmidt are patchwork solutions to the rotation - those spots could become problematic. Kershaw was brilliant at times and pitched like he was 20 years old in others, which he was. His development will be interesting in his second season.

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