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Readers Respond: Who Is The Best Shortstop Of All-Time?

Responses: 42


Who is the best shortstop in baseball history? It's among the most difficult positions to judge - do you go with the great hitters (Alex Rodriguez, Honus Wagner), the best fielders (Ozzie Smith, Omar Vizquel) or some combination of both (Barry Larkin, Cal Ripken, Derek Jeter, etc.)?

My starting shortstop

A lot of great ones, but on my all-time fantasy team my shortstop would have to be No. 11, little Louie Aparicio.
—Guest F J P G

Just the facts

Honus is clearly the best that started the majority of his games at SS, while I would take Ozzie as the best pure SS that ever played the game. http://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/jaws_SS.shtml
—Guest so it goes

Marty Marion

I remember a tremendous shortstop that I do not see listed, and that is Marty Marion who played for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1940s.
—Guest Lou Podesta


Cal Ripken Jr. played 2,632 games in a row. Not only did he do that but he was a good shortstop and made great plays in his 21-year career.
—Guest Dylan

Honus Wagner vs. Satchel Paige

Honus Wagner's final season was in 1917. Satchel Paige was born in 1906. So, uh, they never played against each other.
—Guest AJ Was Wrong

Honus Wagner

Definitely Honus Wagner. I never actually saw him play, but my grandpa has tons of clips of him playing other greats like Satchel Paige and others.
—Guest AJ


Luis Aparicio is the best ss ever in baseball. The Orioles' infield when he was there was the best, too.
—Guest Mike

Omar Vizquel

This guy played until he was in his early 40's and was still starting. He may have never put up the bats like Jeter and them, but his longevity explains it all to me and one Gold Glove shy of the record.
—Guest Gregg

Derek Jeter all the way

He played shortstop over A-Roid and is just amazing.

Mr. Cub

Just a flat out beast, but Ozzie Smith is hard to top.
—Guest Ernie Banks

Jeter, obviously

Nobody in the game can or ever will be better than Derek Jeter at fielding. He has a little power but the game ain't all about power. i would rather have somebody that i know could get on base every time than have somebody that will either strike out or hit a home run. I think the people you have said on here are good, but they ain't Derek Jeter.

Ernie Banks

Back-to-back MVP, 500 home run club, and Mr. Cubs.
—Guest Yilan


Nomar Garciappara had the highest OPS, slugging percentage for shortstops. He has the same BA as Jeter. 229 home runs, which isn't much less than Jeter in almost four fewer seasons. A Rookie of the Year award, a Silver Slugger (and yes, he had to compete against Jeter and Rodriguez for that) and was a six-time all star. People say he was only good in Boston. Sandy Koufax was good for as long as Nomar and he is called one of the greatest pitchers ever. Plus Nomar made a comeback in 2006. He was a key part to the Sox winning the WS in 2004 and he received a ring.
—Guest jay

Jeter did everything well

Besides Honus Wagner, who holds the record in many prominent statistics such as average, hits, stolen bases, and RBIs, Jeter trumps the remaining candidates. Ozzie Smith is arguably the best shortstop of all time with 13 Gold Gloves, however, he was an anemic hitter who averaged two home runs a year and hit at a clip under .270. How about Cal Ripken? No one will question his durability and consistency, however, Jeter's career average is more than 35 points higher, his OBP is about 40 points higher and has three more Gold Gloves.
—Guest metsfan3


You can make the case Banks may not be in the top 3... After that you're crazy. He must have been forgotten. (Editor's note: Again, for the record -- Banks is not eligible here because he played more games at first base than shortstop. He was not forgotten.)
—Guest Banks

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