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Readers Respond: Should Mark McGwire Be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Responses: 19


From the article: Mark McGwire Timeline
Mark McGwire hit 583 career homers, and broke the single-season record with 70 homers in 1998. But he also admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his career. Should he be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?


See here is the thing, He used HGH/steroids/PED's, call it whatever you want. He was NEVER arrested, or accused of hurting anyone or killing anyone. He was part of a group of athletes that REALLY did SAVE the game after the strike. Just like Babe Ruth saved the League after the Black Sox scandal. Just because he used PED's doesn't make him a cheater. It may have made the ball go 500 feet instead of 480 feet. The big thing that it did was it helped him to keep his body healthy from injuries he suffered earlier in his career! I would like to see a study of what it REALLY affected. The number of home runs, or if it really did just keep his body healthier and able to play on a regular basis instead of being on the DL. MLB, you weren't complaining when you were making $ off of Big Mac & Sammy during those years. Why hold it against them now since that was the case! Big Mac, I am a lifelong Yankees fan, but you broke the HR record and you deserve the credit no matter what! You're a Hall of Famer in my book.
—Guest big Mac Fan

Yes! Otherwise empty the Hall of Fame

Performance enhancing was not new in the 90s when Big Mac and Slammin' Sammy saved baseball. If you think it was you are naive and should read up on "greenies" and amphetamine use in baseball by current Hall of Famers like Mays, Ruth and other greats. Did he cheat... Yes, but no more then those before him and those after him will find a way to come up with an edge. let Mac in.
—Guest Nick


Why not? As it has been mentioned before... Steroid does not improve your talent. It only keeps you healthy to last longer. In Ruth's era and others, players there was cocaine, alcohol, etc. Therefore, it's not fair to compare to the past. Baseball was almost dead and McGwire and Sosa brought back the passion. Every one looked away and enjoy the competition. They should not be abandoned at this time. They should all be in. Including PETE ROSE! That's another story. Let's be true fans. Please don't use the: They should be models to our kids. Parents should be their models and educate on what's right and wrong. This should not be left to athletes.
—Guest A Fan

Stupid dude

No!! He was juiced; he wouldn't have had the same numbers if he wasn't.
—Guest Just Me

Rules are rules

Let Shoeless Joe in then, if it's just sheer ability. Rules are rules; the Hall of Fame should mean you played by the rules. I'll go further if it turns out that later its discovered that any player in the 80s or 90s on used steroids, they should be out as well. Far as I'm concerned, even the pitchers who threw spitters. The records a man accumulates should MEAN something.
—Guest dr-no

Of course he does, No question

Anyone who says he shouldn't be in is very, VERY ignorant. What, you think that every guy in there now is perfect and didn't do anything? Funny. Steroids can't hit the homers themselves. Don't believe me? Hundreds of Double and Triple A boys have juiced up and gotten nowhere. McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, Palmeiro, etc. all brought interest back in the game that was nearly killed by the strike. It is absolutely ridiculous when guys like the all-time HR king can't even get in. Until they open their minds, he won't get in. And it is a damn shame. Stop saying "Cheater!" and "disgusting example!" Stop kidding yourself.
—Guest Shogun

No way

He lied to everyone. He doesn't deserve to be in the HOF. I don't care to see him anymore.
—Guest jane


No, his using drugs was 100 times worse than Rose betting -- cheaters need to be kicked out of the game.
—Guest David Silverwood

Perpesctive, everybody

Was Mark dominant among his peers? Did he help re-fuel intersest in the game? Did a lot of players "use" during his time? YES
—Guest Jerry Wilson

Why should he be?

Why should he be when there are so many guys that are just as good as him who haven't been inducted yet?
—Guest Bill

Rules are rules

Mark erred in his judgment when allegedly using stroids. When did he start and when did he quit? He was a stronger son and probably never needed them. I watched him throughout his career and he was definitely a natural power hitter. He had a "sweet swing." Nevertheless, if he did use enhancements, he broke the rules. As much as I would have like for him to enter the Hall of Fame I think he determined his own destiny and thus will not enter the Hall of Fame.
—Guest The Sports Professor

McGuire in HOF- Nevah

He ain't nevah gonna make it. Nevah! He waffled when asked and only told the truth (which may be a partial truth) to get back into baseball.
—Guest Mike

Why not?

He was a decent hitter and would have hit 35-40 HR a year without the steroids. The only thing that the steroids did was actually keep him healthy enough to last longer in the league. Many of the power hitters from the late nineties were taking steroids, so for that time period, the playing field was level. Should we compare McGwire to Ruth? Heavens no; but he did have some incredible years and with the pitchers even juicing, I'd say everything was fair. The numbers may have been inflated, but it was fair at the time. I say let him into the Hall of Fame.
—Guest Gwale

Get Pete Rose in First....

He's a liar, a cheater, and was a very arrogant jerk...till he got caught. Disgusting example for all kids.
—Guest Lowell

No Way

He lied to everyone. He lied to Congress. He lied to the fans. He lied to the commissioner about taking steroids. He doesn't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
—Guest Bluejaydog

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