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Readers Respond: Who Is The Greatest MLB Manager of All-Time?

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As of 2010, there have been almost 700 men who have been Major League Baseball managers. Some of them had great players, most of them didn't. And that makes picking the best of the best somewhat problematic.

The minimum stats for this top 10: At least one World Series title, and either a Hall of Fame plaque or a resume that gets them one someday.

Baseball guide Scott Kendrick's No. 1? John McGraw. Click for the rest of his top 10.

You Make The Call


To me it seems like this list is based on longevity more than anything else. By nature, then, the list discriminates against people like Earl Weaver, who didn't manage as long as a LaRussa. Overall, it's a good list. It would've been good to include one or two 19th century managers to balance things out, but that's my main critique. Leyland doesn't have a good enough record to be on the list. Lou Pinella only won one WS title, and he was an absolute dud in Tampa Bay. Francona was an absolute dud for the Phils.
—Guest btb0257

Leyland is garbage

Leyland has a career record of 1,718 wins and 1,693 losses. He couldn't hold Sparky or La Russa's athletic apparel. He is not in the top 10 managers currently. Very overrated.
—Guest carl hoenle

It's not complete without

Jim Leyland has to be here, ahead of Lasorda for sure. Three teams previous losers, all postseason teams with him and one series, even with an idiot for an owner.
—Guest Number Juan

Where's Lou?

Where would Lou Piniella rank? I think he should at least be honorable mention.
—Guest :)

This was a bad list. Below is correct.

My Ideal Coaching Staff 1. Connie Mack (I'd want him as owner and manager) 2. Casey Stengel (third base coach) 3. Tony La Russa (first base coach) 4. Whitey Herzog (pitching coach) 5. Joe Torre (GM) 6. Leo Durocher (bench coach)
—Guest royals fan

Tommy Lasorda

Joe Torre is overrated, replace him with Tommy Lasorda. Walter Alston should rate higher.
—Guest Yilan


Earl Weaver was better than Cox and Francona. Great baseball mind -- had guts and knew how to work the umpires. One of the best.
—Guest Ray

Whitey Herzog

I think that it should be Whitey Herzog because he is awesome.
—Guest joey

Alvin Dark

One of only seven to manage teams to pennants in both leagues. Lost Series on last out in 1962; won Series in 1974.
—Guest Mike Veron

Terry Francona?

I am not gonna say Francona is one of the 10 best. But he didn't even make your next 10 list! Two World Series in eight years, and look at that 2004 roster. Not the best players. How many will go to the HOF? Let's see... Ramirez- Good, but was suspended twice. It will be tough. Ortiz- One of the great DH's of history, but suspicion of PED is there. Nomar- He got a ring but wasn't even there for the WS. Pedro- Yeah...he's a beast. Damon- Lots of hits, but he's played for like 20 years. So, this team had some good players, but really not much Hall of Fame material. Same with 07. Are Coco Crisp and Mike Lowell Hall of Famers? No. But they still won.
—Guest jay

Add to the list

Ned Hanlon & Frank Selee should at least be added to honorable mention list. Their teams dominated baseball in 1890's! Great managers pre-modern day era, but worthy to be listed.
—Guest Max


This list is ridiculous. All someone has to do is manage the Yankees for 10 years and they're on this list. Why? Because the Yankees just throw 25 million a year at anyone these days. It's ridiculous.
—Guest Dave

Are you kidding me?

Bobby Cox? The master of leaving pitchers in too long, taking them out too early, switching relievers every inning for no good reason and playing his under-achieving favorites. He personally cost the Braves two World Series titles with managerial blunders and God knows how many regular-season games. As talented as the Braves teams were, if Checkers the Chimp would have been managing them, he would have had a better winning record and more World Series titles. Came to Atlanta in 1991, THRILLED that Cox is gone!
—Guest Tim Brennan

Casey Stengel

Won more World Series and pennants than any other manager in the history of baseball.
—Guest Ronald R. Conn

Best managers since 1950

Since 1950, Al Lopez, Walter Alston, Sparky Anderson, Casey Stengel, Earl Weaver and Bobby Cox.
—Guest dave silverwood

You Make The Call

Who Is The Greatest MLB Manager of All-Time?

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