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2008 Team USA Roster


Roster for the 2008 United States Olympic Baseball team:

Brett Anderson, LHP, Midland, Texas (MLB team: Athletics)

Jake Arrieta, RHP, Farmington, Mo. (MLB team: Orioles)

Brian Barden, IF, Templeton, Calif. (MLB team: Cardinals)

Matthew Brown, IF, Bellevue, Wash. (MLB team: Angels)

Trevor Cahill, RHP, Oceanside, Calif. (MLB team: Athletics)

Jeremy Cummings, RHP, Charleston, W.Va. (MLB team: Rays)

Jason Donald, IF, Fresno, Calif. (MLB team: Phillies)

Brian Duensing, LHP, Marysville, Kan. (MLB team: Twins)

Dexter Fowler, OF, Atlanta, Ga. (MLB team: Rockies)

John Gall, OF, Stanford, Calif. (MLB team: Marlins)

Mike Hessman, IF, Fountain Valley, Calif. (MLB team: Tigers)

Kevin Jepsen, RHP, Anaheim, Calif. (MLB team: Angels)

Brandon Knight, RHP, Oxnard, Calif. (MLB team: Mets)

Mike Koplove, RHP, Philadelphia, Pa. (MLB team: Dodgers)

Matt LaPorta, OF, Port Charlotte, Fla. (MLB team: Indians)

Lou Marson, C, Scottsdale, Ariz. (MLB team: Phillies)

Blaine Neal, RHP, Marlton, N.J. (MLB team: Tigers)

Jayson Nix, IF, Dallas, Texas (MLB team: Rockies)

Nate Schierholtz, OF, Reno, Nev. (MLB team: Giants)

Jeff Stevens, RHP, Berkeley, Calif. (MLB team: Indians)

Stephen Strasburg, RHP, San Diego, Calif. (College: San Diego State)

Taylor Teagarden, C, Dallas, Texas (MLB team: Rangers)

Terry Tiffee, IF, North Little Rock, Ark. (MLB team: Dodgers)

Casey Weathers, RHP, Elk Grove, Calif. (MLB team: Rockies)

Manager: Davey Johnson; Coaches: Buck Martinez, Reggie Smith, Marcel Lachemann, Rick Eckstein, Ken Griffey Sr., Rolando de Armas, Dick Cooke.

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