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Milwaukee Brewers All-Time Lineup

Best at each position, in one season, in team history


A look at the all-time starting lineup for the Milwaukee Brewers in the team's history. It's not a career record - it's taken from the best season any player had at that position in team history to create a lineup. (Note: The Brewers played their first season as the Seattle Pilots in 1969, but no player was worthy of inclusion on this list.) There is a DH included, as the Brewers played most of their history as an American League team as of 2011.

Starting pitcher: Mike Caldwell

1978: 22-9, 2.36 ERA, 293.1 IP, 23 CGs, 1.064 WHIP

Rest of the rotation: Teddy Higuera (1986, 20-11, 2.79 ERA, 248.1 IP, 207 Ks, 1.208 WHIP), Jim Colborn (1973, 20-12, 3.18 ERA, 314.1 IP, 1.222 WHIP), Pete Vukovich (1982, 18-6, 3.34 ERA, 223.2 IP, 1.502 WHIP), Ben Sheets (2004, 12-14, 2.70 ERA, 237 IP, 201 H, 264 Ks, 0.983 WHIP)

The Brewers have been around for more than 40 years, but their pitching history is a little sketchy. The best was Caldwell in 1978 -- he finished second in the Cy Young voting in his first full season in Milwaukee. He was 137-130 in his 14-year career. Higuera was an underrated pitcher in the late 1980s. Colborn is the only other 20-game winner, and it came in the team's fourth season in Milwaukee. There is a Cy Young winner in the team's history in Vukovich, who somehow won 18 games despite an very high WHIP in the Brewers' pennant-winning season in 1982. And Sheets' 2004 season has to be one of the best in league history for a player who had a record worse than .500. The Brewers were 67-94 that year.

Catcher: Ted Simmons

1983: .301, 13 HR, 108 RBI, .799 OPS

Simmons had a darn good 21-year career, most of it spent in St. Louis before a decent five-year stretch in Milwaukee, where he was a two-time All-Star. He set a career high in RBI in 1983. Porter is probably better known from his stints in Kansas City and St. Louis, but came up with the Brewers and made an All-Star game.

First baseman: Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder photo
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

2007: .288, 50 HR, 119 RBI, 1.013 OPS

Backup: Cecil Cooper (1980, .352, 25 HR, 122 RBI, 17 SB, .926 OPS)

Fielder is one of the best players the Brewers ever produced, and his six-year stint as the Brewers' first baseman was a testament in productivity. He set a team record in homers in 2007 with 50. The backup is Cooper, a different kind of player, but his line-draive bat was just as important in the lineup of the early 1980s Brewers.

Second baseman: Rickie Weeks

Rickie Weeks photo
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

2010: .269, 29 HR, 83 RBI, .830 OPS

Backup: Don Money (1977, .279, 25 HR, 83 RBI, .819 OPS)

You could go with Paul Molitor here (he hit .322 in 1979 as the second baseman), but we'll save him for another spot in a later season and go with Weeks, the most powerful second baseman in team history. He was a just a little more productive than Money, who also played third base in his time in Milwaukee but probably had his best season as a second baseman in 1977.

Third baseman: Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun photo
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

2007: .324, 34 HR, 97 RBI, 15 SB, 1.004 OPS

Backup: Tommy Harper (1970, .296, 31 HR, 82 RBI, 38 SB, .899 OPS)

Another player who could start on this team at multiple positions, Braun played just one season at third base before moving to left field for the Brewers but won the NL Rookie of the Year that season.The backup is from the original Brewers in Harper, who hit for power and provided plenty of speed.

Shortstop: Robin Yount

Robin Yount photo
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

1982: .331, 29 HR, 114 RBI, .957 OPS

Backup: J.J. Hardy (2008, .283, 24 HR, 74 RBI, .821 OPS)

The Brewers' all-time lineup could be a versatily one, as Robin Yount had MVP seasons at both shortstop and center field. He's a better fit at shortstop in this lineup from the pennant-winning season in 1982. The backup is Hardy, a power bat from more recent seasons.

Left fielder: Ben Ogilvie

1980: .304, 41 HR, 118 RBI, .925 OPS

Backup: Geoff Jenkins (2000, .303, 34 HR, 94 RBI, .948 OPS)

Braun's 2011 season, when he won the NL MVP, was probably the best year. But since he's already at third base, Ogilvie is a solid selection based on his great 1980 season. The backup was perhaps the best player on some bad Brewers teams in the early 2000s in Jenkins.

Center fielder: Gorman Thomas

1979: .244, 45 HR, 123 RBI, .895 OPS

Backup: Dave May (1973, .303, 25 HR, 93 RBI, .824 OPS)

Yount had the best season for a Brewers center fielder in his second MVP season in 1989, but former teammate "Stormin' Gorman" Thomas wasn't too far behind in 1979. The backup is also from the 1970s in May.

Right fielder: Sixto Lezcano

1979: .321, 28 HR, 101 RBI, .987 OPS

Backup: Jeromy Burnitz (1999, .270, 33 HR, 103 RBI, .963 OPS)

The team's all-time starting lineup all played together in the late 1970s and early 1980s as Lezcano rounds out the outfield based on his solid 1979 campaign. The backup is Burnitz, who made the All-Star team in his best season in 1999.

Designated hitter: Paul Molitor

Paul Molitor photo

1987: .353, 16 HR, 75 RBI, 45 SB, 1.003 OPS

Backup: Dave Parker (1990, .289, 21 HR, 92 RBI, .781 OPS)

Molitor could have been at any of three positions on this team, but his best season statistically came as the team's designated hitter in 1987. The Brewers stopped having a DH when they moved to the National League in 1998, but had another solid one in Parker, who played in Milwaukee just one season but was an All-Star in 1990.

Closer: Rollie Fingers

Rollie Fingers photo
A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

1981: 6-3, 1.04 ERA, 28 saves, 78 IP, 55 H, 61 Ks, 0.872 WHIP

Backup: John Axford (2011, 2-2, 1.95 ERA, 46 saves, 73.2 IP, 59 H, 86 Ks, 1.140 WHIP)

An easy choice in Fingers, a Hall of Famer who won the Cy Young and MVP in his incredible 1981 season. The backup is from 30 years later in Axford, a power closer who set a team record for saves when the Brewers won the NL Central in 2011.

Batting order

  1. Paul Molitor DH
  2. Robin Yount SS
  3. Ryan Braun 3B
  4. Prince Fielder 1B
  5. Ben Ogilvie LF
  6. Gorman Thomas CF
  7. Sixto Lezcano RF
  8. Ted Simmons C
  9. Rickie Weeks 2B
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