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Major League Players

Profiles, news and rumors about major league baseball players.
  1. 2007 MLB Awards (7)
  2. Profiles (109)
  3. News and Rumors (211)
  4. Barry Bonds' Home Run Chase (8)

Analyzing the biggest contracts in baseball history
The biggest contracts in Major League Baseball history. Analyzing baseball's biggest contracts.

The top 10 contracts in baseball
An analysis of the best contracts in Major League Baseball heading into the 2014 season. How big of a bargain is Bryce Harper?

The 10 worst contracts in baseball
Alex Rodgriguez has baseball's largest -- and worst -- contract. But there is plenty of competition in the latter category.

2009 Baseball Opening And Final Payrolls
A chart of total salaries for all 30 Major League Baseball teams for 2009, from opening day to the final figures released by the commissioner's office.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs In Baseball - Should MLB Release The 2003…
Opinions about MLB's list of players that tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, and whether the list of offenders should be released.

Top 10 Baseball Brothers

Baseball is a family game in many aspects, and many times genetics have a lot to do with success. Therefore, it's not a surprise that many of the top baseball players in history had brothers that were pretty good, too.

These are the best of the best, the deepest family gene pools in the game's history. And this list takes into account both brothers - while Henry and Tommie Aaron have t…

Gary Sheffield and the Baseball Hall of Fame - Does Sheffield Belong …
Does Gary Sheffield belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Arguments for and against his bid for Cooperstown.

Top Major League Baseball Salaries and Contracts
The top 10 player contracts in baseball history, both by total value and annual salary.

Clemens vs. McNamee: A Breakown Of Their Arguments
A look a the issues brought about by allegations of performance-enhancing drug use by former trainer Brian McNamee against ex-pitcher Roger Clemens.

Baseball Players Accused Of Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs
A running list of Major League Baseball players accused of or suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, as named by the George Mitchell report in 2007 or by MLB suspensions.

The best, the overrated and the bargains
There are plenty of big names on the free agent market in the 2007-08 offseason. Which are the best, which are the potential land mines and which are the sleepers? A look at some of the players in this year's free agent crop.

2007 MLB Free Agents Scorecard
A rundown of the free agents after the 2007 season, leading into 2008, with updates on contracts and offers.

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