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Top 10 Stories of 2011


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Aug. 15: Jim Thome hits 600th home run
Jim Thome

Jim Thome of the Minnesota Twins is congratulated by teammates at home plate after hitting his 600th career home run in Detroit on Aug. 15, 2011.

Dave Reginek/Getty Images

No. 8: At Comerica Park in Detroit, Jim Thome of the Minnesota Twins hit two home runs, the second (off Daniel Schlereth) was the 600th of his career. Only seven other players had reached that milestone as of 2011. At 40, he's the oldest to reach the milestone, and in his 8,167th at-bat, the second-fastest. Two weeks later, the Twins traded Thome back to where his career started in Cleveland, a team then on the fringes of contention. A free agent, he decides to play one more season in 2012, signing as a bench player with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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