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Mark McGwire Timeline


Mark McGwire Timeline

Mark McGwire swings in 1998.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Vital Statistics:

  • Born: Oct. 1, 1963, in Pomona, Calif.
  • Teams: Oakland Athletics (1986–97), St. Louis Cardinals (1997–2001)
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 225
  • Batted: Right
  • Threw: Right
  • College: Southern California
  • Primary position: First base

Career Timeline:

1981: Is drafted by the Montreal Expos in the eighth round. Opts to attend USC instead.

1984: Hits 33 home runs and drives in 77 runs in 63 games for the Trojans. Represents the U.S. on the first baseball Olympic team, along with future big-league stars Barry Larkin and Will Clark.

1984: Selected 10th overall in the draft by the Oakland A's.

1985: Hits 24 homers and drives in 106 runs in 138 games for Class A Modesto.

1987: As an A's rookie, hits 33 homers before the All-Star break and is a unanimous choice for AL Rookie of the Year. Finishes with 49 homers (an MLB rookie record), 118 RBI and a .289 average.

1989: McGwire first uses steroids, according to his 2010 confession.

1990: McGwire wins his only Gold Glove.

1991: Makes the AL All-Star team, but slumps to .201 and 22 HRs in 154 games. Manager Tony La Russa sits him the last two games so his average doesn't fall below .200.

1992: Bounces back with 42 HRs and a .292 average.

1993: Foot injury limits him to 27 games. Begins to use steroids again to help him get over the injury.

1994: Plays in 47 games, hitting nine HRs.

1995: Career renaissance begins, hitting 39 HRs in 317 at-bats.

1996: Hits MLB-leading 52 homers in 423 at-bats and a career-high .312.

1997: Is dealt at the trade deadline to the St. Louis Cardinals. Finishes with career-best 58 HRs.

1998: Signs extension with Cardinals for fourth-largest contract in baseball that year ($8.9 million). Breaks then-MLB record with 70 homers in historic duel with Cubs' Sammy Sosa, who finishes with 66. AP writer Steve Wilstein notices a bottle of androstenedione, an over-the-counter muscle-enhancement product, in McGwire's locker during an interview. McGwire admits to using it (it was not banned at the time).

1999: Hits 65 HRs and drives in 147 for the Cardinals.

2000: Nagging injuries take toll - he plays in 89 games, yet still hits 32 homers.

2001: Hits 29 homers in 299 at-bats in his final season at age 37. Finishes with 583 career homers, then fifth on all-time list.

Feb. 2005: Accused of using steroids in "Juiced", a book by former Oakland teammate Jose Canseco. Issues denial that he'd ever used steroids.

March 2005: Appears before House committee investigating steroids in baseball. Famously says, "I'm not here to talk about the past," upon the advice of attorneys.

2007: First eligible for Hall of Fame, and receives only 23.5 percent of the vote by writers.

Nov. 2009: Hired as hitting coach by Cardinals.

Jan. 2010: Admits he used steroids.

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