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2011 Baseball Hall of Fame Voting

Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven elected to Cooperstown


Below is the Baseball Writers Association of America voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame 2011 class. Players needed 436 votes (75 percent) for election and 5 percent to remain on the ballot in 2012 (players eliminated are in italics). The number in parentheses is the number of times he's been on the ballot. Dave Parker was in his 15th and final year of eligibility.

2011 Hall of Fame voting

PlayerVotesPercentChange from 2010
Roberto Alomar (2nd)52390.0%+16.3
Bert Blyleven (14th)46379.7%+5.5
Barry Larkin (2nd)36162.1%+10.5
Jack Morris (12th)31153.5%+1.2
Lee Smith (9th)26345.3%+2.0
Jeff Bagwell (1st)24241.7%--
Tim Raines (4th)21837.5%+7.1
Edgar Martinez (2nd)19132.9%-3.7
Alan Trammell (10th)14124.3%+1.9
Larry Walker (1st)11820.3%--
Mark McGwire (5th)11519.8%-3.9
Fred McGriff (2nd)10417.9%-3.6
Dave Parker (15th)8915.3%+0.1
Don Mattingly (11th)7913.6%-2.5
Dale Murphy (13th)7312.6%+0.9
Rafael Palmeiro (1st)6411.0%--
Juan Gonzalez (1st)305.2%--
Harold Baines (5th)284.8%-1.2
John Franco (1st)274.6%--
Kevin Brown (1st)122.1%--
Tino Martinez (1st)61.0%--
Marquis Grissom (1st)40.7%--
Al Leiter (1st)40.7%--
John Olerud (1st)40.7%--
B.J. Surhoff (1st)20.3%--
Bret Boone (1st)10.2%--
Benito Santiago (1st)10.2%--
Carlos Baerga (1st)00%--
Lenny Harris (1st)00%--
Bobby Higginson (1st)00%--
Charles Johnson (1st)00%--
Raul Mondesi (1st)00%--
Kirk Rueter (1st)00%--

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