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Top 10 Los Angeles/Brooklyn Dodgers Teams


The Dodgers were synonymous with futility for much of their long history, but broke through to become a dominant team in Brooklyn in the late 1940s and 1950s and kept that going for most of seasons years in Los Angeles. The Dodgers have won 22 pennants, but just six World Series titles in team history. Five have come since moving to Los Angeles in 1958.

With such a complicated history, some of their teams that didn't win a title still have to be considered better than a few that did. With that in mind, here's a look at the 10 greatest teams in Dodgers history:

1. 1955: Bums Finally Win One

The Dodgers were the quintessential team that could never get over the hump. The New York Yankees were seemingly always in the way. But after losing the World Series seven times -- including four times from 1947-53 -- Brooklyn finally won in 1955 in a classic seven-game series as young righty Johnny Podres dominated the Bronx Bombers in Game 7. Brooklyn's lineup was a great one, with Hall of Famers at catcher (Roy Campanella), shortstop (Pee Wee Reese), third base (Jackie Robinson) and center field (Duke Snider). Three years later, the Dodgers broke their fans' hearts and moved to Los Angeles, but at least they left them with one title.

Manager: Walter Alston

Regular season: 98-55, won National League by 13.5 games over the Milwaukee Braves

Playoffs: Beat New York Yankees in the World Series in seven games.

Hitting leaders: CF Duke Snider (.309, 42 HR, 136 RBI), C Roy Campanella (.318, 32 HR, 107 RBI), 1B Gil Hodges (.289, 27 HR, 102 RBI)

Pitching: RHP Don Newcombe (20-5, 3.20 ERA), RHP Carl Erskine (11-8, 3.79 ERA), LHP Johnny Podres (9-10, 3.95 ERA)

2. 1963: Koufax dominates

The 1955 team had a better lineup; but this team had a fabulous pitching staff, led by Sandy Koufax, who was named NL MVP and Cy Young winner in perhaps his finest season. The Yankees had never before been swept in a World Series before the Dodgers handed down their beatdown in October, allowing a lineup full of future Hall of Famers just four runs in four games.

Manager: Walter Alston

Regular season: 99-63, won National League by six games over St. Louis Cardinals.

Playoffs: Swept New York Yankees in World Series in four games.

Hitting leaders: LF Tommy Davis (.326, 16 HR, 88 RBI), RF Frank Howard (.273, 28 HR, 64 RBI), SS Maury Wills (.302, 0 HR, 34 RBI, 40 SB)

Pitching: LHP Sandy Koufax (25-5, 1.88 ERA), RHP Don Drysdale (19-17, 2.63 ERA), LHP Ron Perranoski (16-3, 1.67 ERA, 21 saves)

3. 1988: Gibson's blast and Hershiser's dominance

This team's only Hall of Famer was a 43-year-old who was cut in midseason (Don Sutton) and the team wasn't picked to contend, but Kirk Gibson won the NL MVP (and hit that oh-so-memorable pinch-hit homer in the World Series) and Orel Herhsiser threw a record 59 consecutive scoreless innings as the Dodgers won their most recent World Series title (as of September 2013).

Manager: Tom Lasorda

Regular season: 94-67, won NL West by seven games over Cincinnati Reds.

Playoffs: Beat New York Mets in seven games in NLCS; beat Oakland Athletics in five games in World Series.

Hitting leaders: LF Kirk Gibson (.290, 25 HR, 76 RBI), RF Mike Marshall (.277, 20 HR, 82 RBI), 2B Steve Sax (.277, 5 HR, 57 RBI, 42 SB)

Pitching: RHP Orel Hershiser (23-8, 2.26 ERA), RHP Tim Leary (17-11, 2.91 ERA), RHP Tim Belcher (12-6, 2.91 ERA)

4. 1953: Another heartbreak

The 1953 Dodgers were the best in team history that didn't win a championship. Winning a franchise-record 105 games -- that remains the record 60 years later -- this was a team that could have been a dynasty had it not been for another dynasty across town in the Bronx. Roy Campanella was MVP and second baseman Jim Gilliam was Rookie of the Year, but the Yankees' Billy Martin lined a game-winning single in the ninth inning of Game 6 for their fifth title in a row.

Manager: Chuck Dressen

Regular season: 105-49, won National League by 13 games over Milwaukee Braves.

Playoffs: Lost to New York Yankees in World Series in six games.

Hitting leaders: CF Duke Snider (.336, 42 HR, 126 RBI), C Roy Campanella (.312, 41 HR, 142 RBI), OF Jackie Robinson (.329, 12 HR, 95 RBI)

Pitching: RHP Carl Erskine (20-6, 3.54 ERA), RHP Russ Meyer (15-5, 4.56 ERA), LHP Preacher Roe (11-3, 4.36 ERA)

5. 1962: Nipped by the Giants

The Dodgers were in the lead for most of the season, but lost 10 of their last 13 games and finished tied with the San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers then lost in a three-game series. Maury Wills broke Ty Cobb's record for stolen bases in a season and won the NL MVP, Don Drysdale won 25 games, Tommy Davis won the batting title and drove in 153 runs and Sandy Koufax won the ERA title.

Manager: Walter Alston

Regular season: 102-63, second in National League, lost in three-game series to decide NL pennant to San Francisco Giants.

Hitting leaders: LF Tommy Davis (.346, 27 HR, 153 RBI), RF Frank Howard (.296, 31 HR, 119 RBI), SS Maury Wills (.299, 6 HR, 48 RBI, 104 SB)

Pitching: RHP Don Drysdale (25-9, 2.83 ERA), LHP Sandy Koufax (14-7, 2.54 ERA), LHP Johnny Podres (15-13, 3.81 ERA)

6. 1981: Fernandomania

The 1981 Dodgers won just 63 games in the regular season -- mostly because of a two-month players' strike -- and rode "Fernandomania" to their first World Series title in 16 years. Fernando Valenzuela won the NL Cy Young Award and Rookie of the Year awards at age 20 and Ron Cey, Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yaeger shared World Series MVP honors.

Manager: Tom Lasorda

Regular season: 63-47, won NL West first-half title by a half-game over the Cincinnati Reds.

Playoffs: Beat NL West second-half champion Houston Astros in NLDS in five games; beat Montreal Expos in five games in NLCS; beat New York Yankees in six games in World Series.

Hitting leaders: 3B Ron Cey (288, 13 HR, 50 RBI), RF Pedro Guerrero (.300, 12 HR, 48 RBI), 1B Steve Garvey (.283, 10 HR, 64 RBI)

Pitching: LHP Fernando Valenzuela (13-7, 2.48 ERA), LHP Jerry Reuss (10-4, 2.30 ERA), RHP Burt Hooton (11-6, 2.28 ERA)

7. 1965: Two titles in three years

They only hit .245 as a team, but this pitching staff didn't need much run support. Sandy Koufax won the Cy young Award and was World Series MVP, and Jim Lefebvre was NL Rookie of the year.

Manager: Walter Alston

Regular season: 97-65, won National League by two games over San Francisco Giants.

Playoffs: Beat Minnesota Twins in World Series in seven games.

Hitting leaders: RF Ron Fairly (.274, 9 HR, 70 RBI), 2B Jim Lefebvre (.250, 12 HR, 69 RBI), SS Maury Wills (.286, 0 HR, 33, RBI, 94 SB)

Pitching: LHP Sandy Koufax (26-8, 2.04 ERA), RHP Don Drysdale (23-12, 2.77 ERA), RHP Claude Osteen (15-15, 2.79 ERA)

8. 1941: First pennant in 41 years

After decades in the second division, Brooklyn had a team to cheer about in 1941, but lost in the World Series, a theme that would be repeated a lot in the next 13 years or so. Dolph Comilli was a quiet NL MVP -- overshadowed by Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio's incredible seasons in the American League -- and this team had three future Hall of Famers (Billy Herman, Pee Wee Reese and Joe Medwick) and two 22-game winners.

Manager: Leo Durocher

Regular season: 100-54, won National League by 2.5 games over the St. Louis Cardinals.

Playoffs: Lost to the New York Yankees in the World Series in five games.

Hitting leaders: 1B Dolph Camilli (.285, 34 HR, 120 RBI), OF Joe Medwick (.318, 18 HR, 88 RBI), OF Pete Reiser (.343, 14 HR, 76 RBI)

Pitching: RHP Kirby Higbe (22-9, 3.14 ERA), RHP Whit Wyatt (22-10, 2.34 ERA), RHP Curt Davis (13-7, 2.97 ERA)

9. 1974: First 1970s run

The core of this team won two more pennants in the decade, but didn't have quite enough to get past the Oakland A's in the first all-California World Series, losing three one-run games. Steve Garvey was voted NL MVP and rubber-armed closer Mike Marshall won the Cy Young Award after appearing in a whopping 106 games.

Manager: Walter Alston

Regular season: 102-60, won NL West by four games over the Cincinnati Reds.

Playoffs: Beat Pittsburgh Pirates in NLCS in four games; lost to Oakland A's in World Series in six games.

Hitting leaders: CF Jim Wynn (.271, 32 HR, 108 RBI), 1B Steve Garvey (.312, 21 HR, 111 RBI), 3B Ron Cey (.262, 18 HR, 97 RBI)

Pitching: RHP Andy Messersmith (20-6, 2.59 ERA), RHP Don Sutton (19-9, 3.23 ERA), RHP Mike Marshall (15-12, 2.42 ERA, 21 saves)

10. 1977: Breaking up the Big Red Machine

After the Cincinnati Reds won the previous two World Series, the Dodgers were able to push through and topple the Reds and win the pennant in Tommy Lasorda's first year as manager. But the Dodgers ran into Reggie Jackson, who famously hit three home runs in Game 6 as the Yankees prevailed in the World Series.

Manager: Tom Lasorda

Regular season: 98-64, won NL West by 10 games over the Cincinnati Reds.

Playoffs: Beat Philadelphia Phillies in NLCS in four games; lost to New York Yankees in World Series in six games.

Hitting leaders: 1B Steve Garvey (.297, 33 HR, 115 RBI), RF Reggie Smith (.307, 32 HR, 87 RBI), LF Dusty Baker (.291, 30 HR, 86 RBI)

Pitching: LHP Tommy John (20-7, 2.78 ERA), RHP Don Sutton (14-8, 3.18 ERA), RHP Burt Hooton (12-7, 2.62 ERA)

Next five: 1959 (88-68, won World Series), 1949 (97-57, won NL pennant), 1978 (95-67, won NL pennant), 1916 (94-60, won NL pennant), 1952 (96-57, won NL pennant)

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