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Step-By-Step: How To Bunt


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The Art Of The Sacrifice
Step-By-Step: How To Bunt

Julio Lugo of the Boston Red Sox lays down a bunt during the 2007 World Series.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

The bunt isn't glamorous by any stretch, but it's a necessary part of any hitter's skill set. Even the best home run hitter ever learns to bunt, because there are situations when a sacrifice almost certainly must be called. (For example, a runner on first with no outs in extra innings. The play is to move that runner into scoring position, and to stay out of a potential double play.)

And if the bunter is a fast runner, a bunt can be an effective way to get on base as well. It can provide a big surprise to the defense, and when done correctly is one of the most beautifully executed plays in baseball.

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