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1980 MLB First-Round Amateur Draft Choices


The first-round picks in the 16th Major League Baseball amateur draft. College or hometown in parentheses.

1. Darryl Strawberry, OF, New York Mets (Los Angeles, Calif.)

2. Garry Harris, SS, Toronto Blue Jays (San Diego, Calif.)

3. Ken Dayley, P, Atlanta Braves (Portland)

4. Mike King, P, Oakland Athletics (Morningside College)

5. Jeff Pyburn, OF, San Diego Padres (Georgia)

6. Darnell Coles, SS, Seattle Mariners (Rialto, Calif.)

7. Jessie Reid, 1B, San Francisco Giants (Lynwood, Calif.)

8. Cecil Espy, OF, Chicago White Sox (San Diego, Calif.)

9. Ross Jones, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers (Miami)

10. Kelly Gruber, SS, Cleveland Indians (Austin, Texas)

11. Don Schulze, P, Chicago Cubs (Roselle, Ill.)

12. Jeff Reed, C, Minnesota Twins (Joliet, Ill.)

13. Lebo Powell, C, Philadelphia Phillies (Pensacola, Fla.)

14. Tim Maki, P, Texas Rangers (Carroll High School (Fort Wayne, Ind.)

15. Don Collins, P, St. Louis Cardinals (Newport News, Va.)

16. Frank Wills, P, Kansas City Royals (Tulane)

17. Dennis Rasmussen, P, California Angels (Creighton)

18. Glenn Wilson, 3B, Detroit Tigers (Sam Houston State)

19. Ron Robinson, P, Cincinnati Reds (Woodlake, Calif.)

20. Rich Renteria, SS, Pittsburgh Pirates (South Gate, Calif.)

21. Jim Acker, P, Atlanta Braves (Texas)

22. Terry Francona, OF, Montreal Expos (Arizona)

23. Billy Beane, P, New York Mets (San Diego, Calif.)

24. John Gibbons, OF, New York Mets (San Antonio, Texas)

25. Dion James, OF, Milwaukee Brewers (Sacramento, Calif.)

26. Jeff Williams, OF, Baltimore Orioles (Cincinnati, Ohio)

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