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2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

A cheat sheet for draft day to plot a winning strategy


Updated May 01, 2014

For the fifth season, About.com Baseball is back with its comprehensive fantasy baseball rankings. We've added some tweaks to the formula for 2013 and are confident the rankings are as accurate as ever. They'll be updated weekly in March, looking at trends, injuries and other developments.

The trend in fantasy baseball is more toward the head-to-head formats that became popular in fantasy football over the years. However, the original rotisserie-style, cumulative 5x5 format is still out there, especially among established leagues. These rankings are weighted toward head-to-head, but can easily be tweaked toward rotisserie, and there are notes under certain players who are more valuable in rotisserie-style play, where the lost art of stolen bases has a big reward. Some players who are highly ranked in a rotisserie-style format are worth a lot less in a points format.

Make sure you know the exact format your league is using, because it will affect the way you should prepare. You can learn more about the different formats here.

We're also presenting the players in tiers this season, another more popular way of attacking a draft. In short, it factors scarcity into the equation. For example, let's say it's the sixth round of your draft or auction and you really need a shortstop. The tier-1 shortstop is long gone, but there is one tier-2 shortstop left. In that case, you'd jump on that shortstop because there's a perceived drop-off after that player.

Or, a couple of rounds later, let's say you need a third baseman, but there are still seven tier-3 third baseman left. You'd probably be wise to go to another position and wait at least another round, as there isn't much difference between the third basemen on the board, and you can be assured that at least one of those tier-3 players will be there the next time around.

Or maybe you pick a third baseman anyway because that player catches your eye, and you think he's underrated. That's what it's all about, and these rankings are meant to help you. The tiers are more important in the infield than the outfield and pitchers, simply because there's more of them to choose from. But we've tiered the outfielders and pitchers, too, just to be more complete.

You can learn more about the different formats here.

Just looking for an overall cheat sheet? Check out the updated top 200 players.

Here are the rankings of the best players at each position in standard points formats, along with some eligibility notes and others to watch and some strategy tips.

2013 position rankings

More fantasy baseball tips:

Fantasy baseball ballpark analysis

So you're wanting to take this an extra mile? How about these sabermetrics statistics.

Yes and no. Read more about using sabermetrics for fantasy baseball.

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