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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Prospects: No. 8, Domonic Brown

The Phillies outfielder has all five tools, and he'll run through a wall


Updated March 26, 2011

As fantasy baseball owners, we like cool names. Domonic Larun Brown has that covered.

We like hearing about five tools (to the cynics, we're not referring to the set of an NFL studio show). Brown, according to scouts, is a five-tool prospect.

He seemed to be in line to battle for the right-field job that opened in Philadelphia when Jayson Werth was signed to a shockingly huge contract by the Nationals. That was until Brown broke a bone in his hand after getting his first hit in spring training 2011.

Brown had surgery March 8 and is expected to miss three to six weeks. The guess here is we won't see him in a Phillies uniform until at least mid- to late April, which shouldn't dampen your enthusiasm for the outfielder's future.

Brown is a top-five prospect by most major scouting services, and he cracks our top eight for fantasy purposes. As we mentioned in the debut piece, we started this project with three rules of thumb: 1. Each player must be under 24 years old. 2. A position player has to have fewer than 100 at-bats in the majors, and a pitcher must have thrown fewer than 40 innings in the bigs. 3. The top 10 are ranked according to how effective we think they will be in fantasy baseball. The 2011 season would be nice, but we're more focused on how they will perform in the future and their staying power.

Next up: Brown, who tore up Triple-A in 2010, before he got the call to the big leagues.

8. Domonic Brown, OF, Phillies

Two quotes to remember

  • "I'm ready to win this job. Physically and mentally, I'm ready to go. I'd run through a wall right now." Brown to CSNPhilly.com, less than three weeks before he broke his hand
  • "That's not a problem. If I have to go to Triple-A, I'll go to Triple-A. I'm only 23 years old." Brown to reporters, now that it appears as if he'll begin the 2011 season on the Phillies' disabled list

Essential information

Brown had 62 at-bats with Philly last season, batting .210 with eight runs, two homers, 13 RBI, two steals and a .612 OPS. A sure sign he was overmatched: He struck out 24 times.

He was anything but out of his element in the minor leagues in 2010. In 343 at-bats in Double- and Triple-A, he batted .327 with 65 runs, 20 homers, 68 RBI, 17 steals and 22 doubles. Brown has 1,593 at-bats down on the farm, and he's a .296 hitter who has produced 48 homers, 232 RBI, 89 steals and 265 runs. He'll likely spend more time in Triple-A in 2011, but it shouldn't be long before he returns to the Phils.

He seems to be a near-certainty to hit for average and steal bases, and scouts believe his power will catch up, too. You don't get any fantasy bonus points for his strong arm, but you can always brag to your buddies about how you know how to spot a five-tool prospect.

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