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What Is Fantasy Baseball?

Your guide to the basic rules, types of leagues, who created the game and more


We've told you about Daniel Okrent, whose law we all should abide by, but more often than not, we don't. (Okrent's Law: "There's nothing more interesting than your own rotisserie team and nothing less interesting than someone else's.")

We've broken down the basic rules, types of leagues, types of drafts and discussed the things you need to do once you've selected your team.

This has been fantasy baseball for beginners, and this is your central piece for the how-tos and how-comes.

Once you have played the game for years, you'll understand why you might consider punting saves, why steals tend to be overvalued and why Albert Pujols is as automatic as a bloated Yankees payroll and fans in small-market cities crying foul.

Until then, consider this an online manual of sorts. First, the three key parts of our What Is Fantasy Baseball? series.

We hope you have enjoyed this, and as the years go on and Pujols shows signs of no longer being a machine, we'll update the series. Until then, draft Albert, do your homework and always remember A.J. Burnett is not your friend, unless he's in a contract year. Also, if you're in a keeper league, here is our hub page with the complete set of keeper rankings for the 2011 season.

Before you go, here is the rest of our how-to fantasy baseball library ...

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