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Fantasy Baseball

How to play fantasy baseball, with league setups, drafts, draft preparation, strategy, statistics services and fantasy baseball news.
  1. Fantasy Baseball FAQ (12)
  2. Fantasy Baseball Tips (150)
  3. Fantasy Player Ratings (142)

What Is Fantasy Baseball?
An overview of how to play fantasy baseball for beginners. Learn the different types of fantasy baseball leagues, rules, formats and draft types. How to understand the different types of fantasy baseball.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings
Home page for fantasy baseball player rankings for the 2014 season.

2009 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings
Home page for fantasy baseball player rankings for the 2009 season.

Fantasy Baseball League Managers
There are many ways to run your fantasy baseball league if you're the commissioner. Fantasy baseball took off in popularity as the Internet became more popular, and that's no coincidence. You had to be a dedicated ultra-fan to catalog box scores every day. There had to be a better way, and the Web came along and made everything easier. Many...

Sagarin Ratings
Jeff Sagarin computes updated fantasy baseball player values regularly for USA Today.

Fantasy Baseball Stat Glossary
You don't have to be Bill James to understand these obscure baseball stats. This glossary explains them.

Fantasy Baseball Beginnings
Daniel Okrent is considered the inventor of fantasy baseball with the first rotisserie league in 1980. But there's also Bill Gamson, who beat Okrent to the punch 20 years earlier.

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