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Baseball 101: Learning About the Game

In Baseball 101, learn the basics about baseball, about balls and strikes, outs, innings, positions, rules, equipment, terms and frequently asked questions about the national pastime.
  1. The Basics (3)
  2. Equipment (2)
  3. Rules & Strategy (3)
  4. Term & Stat Glossary (4)

A Brief Illustrated History Of Baseball
An brief, illustrated history of the game of baseball, from its origins as rounders to today.

How To Score A Baseball Game
Instructions about how to score a baseball or softball game, with the symbols, abbreviations and step-by-step examples from a major league baseball game.

Catching Foul Balls -- Fans Share Memories Of Catching Souvenir Baseballs
Fans share stories and memories about catching foul balls as souvenirs at Major League Baseball games.

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