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2009 American League Cy Young Award

Royals' Greinke Carries Last-Place Royals


Voting for the 2009 American League Cy Young Award by the Baseball Writers' Association of America (first-place votes in parentheses):

Zack Greinke, Royals (25) — 134

Felix Hernandez, Mariners (2) — 80

Justin Verlander, Tigers (1) — 14

CC Sabathia, Yankees — 13

Roy Halladay, Halladay — 11


  • Greinke, 26, won the award despite winning just 16 games, the lowest total for any Cy Young Award-winning pitcher. No AL starter had won the award without winning at least 18 games.
  • Greinke had a 2.16 ERA, best in the AL and the lowest for an AL Cy Young winner since 2000.
  • It was the fourth time a Royals pitcher has won the award. Bret Saberhagen won twice (1985, 1989) and David Cone won in 1994.
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