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A little too much 'Trouble' in new baseball movie

By September 26, 2012

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Finally caught "Trouble With The Curve" on Wednesday, and I was mildly entertained. But just mildly.

It wasn't quite "Moneyball" -- in fact, it was kind of the anti-Moneyball, about an old-time baseball scout who doesn't even own a computer.

With Clint Eastwood as the Atlanta Braves scout, Amy Adams as his baseball-loving lawyer daughter and Justin Timberlake as a scout for the competing Boston Red Sox, it's another baseball movie with star-power. It's really a father-daughter story, but with baseball as its backdrop. go to a small town in North Carolina to scout a can't-miss high school prospect.

It was real disappointment at the box office in its first weekend, and judging by the sparsely-filled theater, it's not doing that much better this week.

Why? It's a bit slow, one of those look-at-your-watch kind of movies, especially in the middle. It picks up toward the end, and it's pretty faithful to how baseball works, while being just a little simplistic for the non-baseball crowd. (Seriously, when would the big-market Red Sox and Braves pick 1-2 in the draft? And would scouts really tell each other what they think with so much at stake?)

The characters aren't all that rich -- Eastwood seemingly has played this curmudgeonly character before -- and the others seem just a bit one-dimensional. There is a payoff in the end, but it's certainly predictable.

So give it two stars out of four, and maybe wait until it's out on DVD to see it.


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